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DIY Tips and Ideas for Home Maintenance and Repair

You should make sure that there are no water leaks in the toilet. If you want to cut down the utility bill, then you should consider repairing the leaking toilet. In order to prevent the future cost of repairing the floor of your toilet, it is wise to prevent the toilet leaks on time. You can simply repair the toilet bowl by simply replacing the flapper. If a valve in the toilet water system gets damaged, the result is the leakage of water on the floor.Read more about toilet repair.

The maintenance of the drainage system is also an important DIY home repair and maintenance. You should keep it in mind that oils and fats also play part in the clogging of the pipes. If you want to safely unclog the blocked pipes that have been clogged with fats and oil, simply flush some hot water in the drainage system. Hot water is necessary to emulsify the fats and oils that clog the drainage system. Read more about emulsification process of fats and oils here. It is also wise to get hair strainer for all bathtubs to avoid the clogging. The most common way our hair get into bathtubs and drainage system is through combing. An effective tool that can prevent clogging of the drainage system by hair is by placing the hair strainer in all parts of the drainage system. You can read more about how hair strainer works here. Drano should be skipped in order to avoid damaging of the plumbing system. In as much as Drano is an effective unclogging agent, its acidity property is not favorable to the drainage system.Click here to read more information about Drano.

You should be sure to keep the gutters clean. If you want to take a long time before requiring the services of a plumber, then your gutters need regular cleaning. A gutter can never work properly if it is clogged with debris. When the gutter is clogged with debris, water flow over the gutter and splash on the ground close to the foundation of the house which destroys the foundation of the house over time.

Vegetation is the home and breeding site of many pests and should not be allowed around your house. The limitation of having vegetation around the house is that the leaves normally drop into the gutter blocking the drainage system. In order to maintain the stability of the foundation of your house, make sure that the vegetation that holds water moisture around the house is cleared. Click this site to read more if you are interested to know more about the negative effects of vegetation on your house.

It is advisable to always make sure that you disconnect the hose pipe when the winter is about to start. The outdoor spigot should always be disconnected because temperature normally drops below freezing point during winter. A hose pipe that is subject to extremely low temperature and contains water can expand and burst because of water increase when it freezes and becomes ice.

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