How to Choose a Good Realtor

Whether you want to buy or sell a house, you may just need help from a real estate agent. But how do you choose a good one? You’re going to find realtors, plain real estate agents, some will be full-time and others part-time, and maybe even friends and relatives who are in the trade. Whom should you work with?


Most certainly, those days when real estate brokers simply put a sign on the yard, added the property on the Multiple Listing Service, and just waited for potential buyers to reach out, are over. If you’re a seller, that means looking for a proactive, technology-oriented agent. Since buyers often start online nowadays, photos have to be professional quality and the description catchy and heavy in detail. Very importantly, find an agent with social media marketing smarts. This is where the action happens today, and you can’t afford not to be there.


On the other hand, if you’re in need of a buyer’s agent, check your prospect’s history when it comes to closing deals. Average real estate agents usually sell about four homes in a year. Let’s say you’re planning to buy a home, and you’re equivalent to 25% of the agent’s yearly income. Think they will actually work for your best interest, or would they do everything in their power to close the deal?

A typical agent will usually go straight to the MLS to search for homes, but a great one will look for properties that have yet to be put on the market. They will get in touch with homeowners in the neighborhood you want or even start a direct mail campaign in that area.

Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re planning on buying or selling a hope, it’s important to understand what makes Realtors and real estate agents different from each other. First off, not all real estate agents are Realtors.

“Realtor” is a term the National Association of Realtors uses as its registered trademark. Hence, it may only be used by NAR members, who pledge to uphold the association’s code of ethics in their practice.

Personal Agent Interviews

Pros usually recommend interviewing at least three agents before deciding on one. A lot of people are happy to meet one and then proceed, which is rather risky. References are important as well, so do ask each prospect for some. Have them tell you how they intend to find you the right home or the right buyer for your property.

Finally, take note of how the agent responds to your first inquiry. This usually indicates how they’re going to be for the rest of a transaction.

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