How a Dermatologist can Help You Manage Acne.

even though a lot of people to think that wrinkled or blemished skin is an emergency, this is not usually the case because they are far serious dermatological conditions. While there are those which are mild, others are extensive to the length that will not allow you to complete self-care activities or even go to work. Beauty product manufacturers and more focused on the products which I meant for people who have acne. In the event that you are battling with acne, remember that the more you hide it the more it will spread. Going to a dermatologist means that you are going to get advice and treatment from a person who has seen it all when it comes to acne. Until you make sure that the causative agent of the skin condition is dealt with, expect recurrent acne flare-ups from time to time.

When you have tried all the over-the-counter medications you can get in managing the acne but hit a dead end, it is time to go to the dermatologist to get prescriptions. When acne is persistent, many cases usually turn out to be bacterial infections and you need a prescription drug to deal with it. You have no hope of getting strong acne medications unless you’re working with a dermatologist which is why you should make the appointment as early as possible instead of waiting until the whole situation blows up . There are many prescription drugs which can be used in treating the acne but the doctor will have to assess your skin as well as your medical history to determine the best therapy for you. This is the best course of action instead of self-medicating.

In some cases the drug therapy may fail to solve the problem. This is where specialized treatment is adopted. The common ones include acne extraction treatment, fractional resurfacing, microdermabrasion, beta chemical peels and anti-acne facials. You may have information on other possible treatments you may have to go through but this does not mean you do not need your dermatologist to make the decision on the treatment therapy to be followed. Just because your age is advanced does not mean you do not have to worry about acne which is why having a dermatologist you can run too in case of issues is highly recommended. There are many doctors who specialize in dermatology and finding a great one is not going to be that difficult.

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