Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Guidelines To Perfect Your Skills

Dragon ball z dokkan battle is one of those free mobile games that a lot of people enjoy to play because once an individual masters some tricks, they can play without a hassle and be in a position to score high points every time one plays. A lot of individuals fail to try the game because they have the notion that the game is tough, however, it just needs one to know the right things to do while playing and things will fall into place. Some strategies could be of help in playing the game right as indicated below.

Learn How To Attack

It is true that Goku still stands out as the strongest character buy you need to come up with a strategy to become stronger which could make you the winner. The easiest way to do so is through increasing your characters energy levels which involves getting those Ki spheres that have similar color as yours.

Get In Formation

Most people who are only beginning in dragon ball z dokkan battle game never understand how link skills work and in most cases they are not bothered to understand how that increases their chances of performing well. These links are useful in increases your bonuses depending on which characters are next to one another; therefore, you have to make your arrangement properly if one is looking forward to making the right deal.

You Are Going On An Unknown Journey

As one plays, they never know what happens next and you just have to wait and see where the game takes you so, be ready to explore and encounter hostile environments.

Be In A Position To Predict The Fighters Move

Check your attackers move because one does not want to be caught off-guard and you have to be ready to take action. Get your strongest character to attack your attacker but that is only possible if one is focused on the movers of their opponent.

Train Before Winning

Take time to train and master what the game needs as that improves your chances of winning because one is learning a few tips by playing randomly.

Stay With Your Dragon Stones

Let your dragon stones be used in better places rather than redeem then when the game is over, and you were hoping to continue. Get another option of boosting your team like awakening or training instead of taking the dragon stones because of you finish them, one will be forced to redeem them. A new player needs more allies and that is why it is essential to ask for more friends so as to increase your stones to ten which makes the game better.

There are many more tips that can assist one to conquer the universe and feel great so, stay open-minded and see what else can be done.

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